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Senior Embedded Software Engineer Team Lead - Analox Ltd

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I moved to Analox in 2013 after spending 7 years in the gambling industry as I was looking for a new challenge. It is safe to say that I found it! Since then I have managed to surround myself with a team of excellent engineers finding creative solutions to complex problems.

My favourite thing about working at Analox is the great variety of products that I get to work on from commercial gas sensing to safety critical applications.

I would describe myself as a sarcastic, approachable man who enjoys his work.

Favourite product: SDA Depth - It can be used in conjunction with other SDAs to allow them to calculate partial pressure readings without any on-board pressure sensors.

Did you know? I exhilarate myself, and others, by juggling knives.


  • #Bouldering
  • #Sarcasm
  • #Guitarhero
  • #Netflix
  • #Grunge

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