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President - Analox Sensor Technology US

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I am responsible for running the remote division of Analox Sensor Technology, located in Southern California, serving North, Central and South America. My time with the company has allowed me to contribute to and drive tremendous growth both in breadth of the products we engineer and the customer industries weserve. Prior to joining Analox, my career path included Director of Operations for Glacier Design Systems, Inc., Chief Operating Officer for Redletter Group, and Sr. Vice President of Scott-Powell & Associates.

My leadership style is driven by respect, compassion, loyalty and fun (mandatory). My team are my family. Working for Analox, as the VP of Sales & Marketing and member of the Board of Directors is particularly satisfying in that I know my work directly contributes to saving lives, every day.

Joined Analox in 2005

Favourite product: SV-MULTI-2 - This product took Analox to new heights... literally! SV-MULTI-2 has flown several missions to the International Space Station, proving Analox delivers as a mission critical supplier to the demanding Aerospace industry.

Did you know? I am a sucker for big eyes and a waggly tail.


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