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Marketing Manager - Analox Ltd

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I started working for Analox in November 1999 after finishing University where I studied marketing. I originally started out in the sales team selling the Analox 5 and then moved on to selling Sport Diving equipment. After over a decade at Analox every day is still different which is what I love about my job. Varied markets, products and selling worldwide makes life a lot more interesting. I have recently gone from a team of one where I outsourced marketing activities to bringing it all back in house with a team of 4. Determined, focused and uber organised are words that could describe me, and as for Analox..... family sums it up well!

Favourite product: O2EII - I was involved in selling the original Mini O2DII and updating it to the O2EII. Working with BSAC, signing up stockists from scratch and helping to make gas analysis affordable for every sport diver was a definite winner for me.

Did you know? I once owned 144 pairs of shoes.


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