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Senior Electronics Engineer - Analox Ltd

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I started my career as a graduate engineer in Manchester 2011 working for a company that makes water quality analysers. As a small company of only 6 employees my duties were many and varied, ranging from production, purchasing, software development, hardware design, testing, servicing/commissioning to name a few. I decided I wanted a new challenge and to move back to my homeland of Yorkshire. I am very pleased with my move overall as the projects are varied and interesting, the people are great and I have had lots of training to ensure I constantly improve as an engineer. I hope people see me as a safe pair of hands who can be trusted to get the job done. That covers my working life, in my own time I like to surf, climb, snowboard, play guitar, go to comedy or music gigs and the pub, any pub.

Favourite product: 3000SI - a robust ATEX rated stable design that does exactly what is expected of it.

Did you know? As a teenager I played guitar in a rap-rock group call Dice, our album was called 'Roll wit' us'.


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