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Year 11 Stokesley School Students along with Julie Cole Analox HR Manager, Janine Harrison-Henry Careers Leader Stokesley School, Rowan O’Keefe Senior Embedded Software Engineer and Chris Garbutt Hardware Team Lead.

In October 2019, a Year 11 student attended a career fair held at Stokesley School but was unsure about what he wanted to do. He spoke with various companies who attended the event, but after visiting the Analox stand and speaking with the team, he wanted to learn more.

That discussion spurred him into requesting a visit to Analox so he could understand more of what we do and what goes on in an actual workplace. To assist Stokesley School in achieving Gatsby benchmarking standards including:

- Addressing the needs of each pupil
- Encounters with Employers/employees
- Experiences of workplaces

Analox arranged for 7 Year 11 pupils to attend Analox on the afternoon of Friday 13th December.

The GCSE Engineering students spent the afternoon with various team members from being given a Group Overview by Emma Harbottle, Group Managing Director, to having an opportunity to handle some Analox analysers including the Sub Aspida, Sub MkIIP, O2EII, Ax60 and the ATA.

The students were then offered the opportunity to work within the Design Team and were set a project of creating an electronics board to play Christmas music.

Analox staff welcomed the pupils and were happy to discuss job roles and working life at a business such as Analox. Julie Cole, HR Manager comments ‘it is great to be able to work with local schools and help inspire students, you never know if they will be a future employee!’ Analox works and supports Stokesley School, regularly attending events to highlight different careers to their student base.