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What an amazing month Analox is having and it’s all down to the hard work and dedication from our fabulous Analox People. Last week we hosted a very successful open day on the back of the SAMAP symposium, with over 30 key people from the submarine atmosphere monitoring and purification community attending. This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our technology and future innovations whilst demonstrating our strengths as a business.

Analox Team ready for Pizza

And the congratulations doesn’t stop there… Analox also achieved the highest amount of invoiced sales in October, with a phenomenal amount of products shipped worldwide from our factory!

Emma Harbottle, Group Managing Director stated, “This is the first time that this total sales figure has ever been achieved in the history of Analox. I am once again, really proud of you all, and you should all be really proud of yourselves for the contributions you have made to getting us to this significant milestone.”

As a thank you for all your hard work, we are celebrating with special wood-fired pizza for lunch from Rocket Pizza Yum!

Analox celebrates an amazing Month

Well done everyone for all your hard work. Enjoy your pizza!