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On the 1st June 2018, Analox’s Business Improvement Manager, Craig Baker, celebrated his 20 years milestone!

Starting out as an eager young man, Craig gained a role with the company in the Test and Despatch department.

Previously working for a steel foundry as a material inspector, after hearing of a job opening in local business, Analox, he decided to apply.

After a quick interview he was given the job and soon realised he knew nothing about gas detection! Over the years Craig has developed his role within the company and gained extensive knowledge about the industry, he’s also seen the business grow both physically and technologically into the renowned manufacturer of gas detection solutions for commercial and military markets business it is today.

The past 10 years has seen Craig develop his career from Quality control, test and inspection of products to focus on the Quality assurance and Business improvement of processes and standards within the business, taking on the title of Quality Manager in 2008. This has progressed into a position in which Craig manages Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental systems, which in itself is rather a long title it therefore changed into his current role of Business Improvement Manager.

Craig is a Quality professional and qualified Lead Auditor assisting him in his role as Business Improvement Manager. His job role also covers Analox’s US Office, based in Huntington Beach, California, which he travels to annually.

Craig said, “What really strikes me when I think of how long I’ve been at Analox is how far the business has come. I started working there when there were only 25 people in the whole business, we now employ more than 80. I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of that success and growth and although challenging at times, I have really enjoyed seeing the business and individual people grow.

When asked about what he liked best about his job, Craig said, “I enjoy seeing improvements being made, whether that’s come from a suggestion I’ve made or from others, I like helping people find a solution. Every problem is an opportunity for improvement, one of my roles is to help us identify and implement these improvements.

Every day is different for me and I get to work with people across the whole of the business. I would say that with the right attitude and perseverance you can succeed, or at least make a positive change for the better.”

Craig has been a part of Analox for an admirable length of time and has undoubtedly contributed to the success of business. His position of Business Improvement Manager will be an integral role in the projected growth plans for Analox over the next few years and we hope he’s here to oversee at least the next 20!

Analox would like to thank Craig for his dedication, work ethic and loyalty over the last 20+ years. As a celebration, we arranged an Alfa Romeo track experience day in Italy for Craig, which he redeemed this month.

Craig seemed to have a great time in Italy, check out the images above to see how he got on!

HR Mananger, Julie Cole said, “I’d like to congratulate Craig on being a valued employee of Analox for such a long time, with hopefully many more years to follow. He has always been a great assest to the team and we’re all so glad that he enjoyed his trip to Italy. We hope that more of our people follow in Craig’s footsteps in reaching milestones such as this! Our current length of service is an average of 7 years and is certainly on the rise, which is something Analox is very proud of.”