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Here at Analox, we support a wide range of careers. People enter Analox at different levels and we always take care to help our staff progress in whatever way we can in order for them to reach their fullest potential.

We also believe in giving people that extra push in helping them achieve their dreams, which is why we offer work experience for those in our local community. We feel that work experience is a great way for people to find their passion and discover new talents.

This week, Abigail did just that and successfully completed a weeks work experience at Analox.

Rye Hills Academy student, Abigail, is currently studying geography, spanish, philosophy and ethics. She realised that she wanted to pursue a career in engineering, although she was unsure about exactly which discipline so she approached Analox so that she could experience the different aspects of engineering that we have to offer.

During Abigail’s time here, she impressively built an O2 sensor with the help of team member, Nathan.

We asked Abigail about the best part of her week here, she replied, “I don't have a best part of the week, as they were all learning points for me and I enjoyed all my moments at Analox.”

She now knows that she would like a profession in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, but is however, still open minded for the different disciplines within engineering as she hasn’t experienced all of them yet.

Nathan commented, "Abi came in unsure what type of engineering she was interested in but picked up all the tasks given to her very quickly and seemed to enjoy the work. We hope she has enjoyed her week and now has a better picture of what engineering is. Analox are always keen to help show young people what working in a real environment is like and to encourage young minds towards engineering."

If you’re like Abigail, career driven and passionate about your future, get in touch to discuss what work experience opportunities we have to offer you!