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At Analox, we care about supporting our employees through their careers by offering the correct training and guidance. As well as this, we truly care about inspiring young people, and we want to support them as much as we can through the process of determining their career path. This is why we offer work experience opportunities to whoever we can!

Last week we had Joel complete a week of work experience with us… Read on to find out how he got on.


Joel initially approached Analox as he wanted to know more about careers in electronics and electrics engineering and whether it is the career for him; he felt that Analox would be the perfect place to help him decide.

We asked Joel about his time here, which he commented, “While I have been at Analox, I have coded an arduino board to flash leds in a certain pattern. I have also learned how to use a program called solid-works and how to 3D print, these are both things I will probably use in my future career. I found coding the arduino the most fun part of my time here, as I got to find out a lot more about coding a circuit board.

As well as this, I have been exposed to parts of the business I didn’t expect to, for example, I was invited to sit in 7 meetings across the company, 4 of which were about their latest project about a new product which they are soon to launch. It was interesting and exciting to see this; I never knew what it took to produce a new product behind the scenes.”

Joel is now certain that he wants to pursue a career within electrical or electronic engineering thanks to his positive experience at Analox.

He finishes, “I would definitely recommend Analox for work experience because everyone is friendly and helpful whenever you need support. During my time here, every day was different and a great challenge, I was definitely not bored!”

If you’re like Joel and looking for inspiration for your future career, Analox might be able to help. Get in touch now!