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People worldwide are celebrating International Women’s Day and this year's theme is #BalanceForBetter. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of gender equality and to celebrate women’s success. As part of the campaign #BalanceForBetter, many have taken to social media to ‘strike a pose’ which has circulated across the world using the campaign hashtag!

As a business within the manufacturing industry, we believe it is important to celebrate and appreciate the achievements of Analox women. Take a look at some of the Analox Team striking a pose for #BalanceForBetter.

We asked our staff what International Women’s Day means to them and this is what they came up with:

Kerry Day, our Sales Support Administrator said, “I love that we are taking part in #BalanceForBetter because I feel it’s essential to have gender-balance in all aspects of life and not just in the workplace. The campaign a great way to get everyone involved and spread positivity and make a difference.

Marketing Manager, Michelle Wilson said, “For me, International Women's Day is a chance for us to celebrate what we achieve as women. It is a chance for us to support each other and recognise what excellent work we do!”

Simon Ginsberg, Key Account manager said, “It’s so important to celebrate this day and raise awareness as women play an important role within Analox, and are making a lasting contribution to the continued success of the company.”

IT Administrator, Polly said, “As a woman in tech, International Women's Day for me is a chance to spread the message that we need to continue to be inclusive and diverse, and break the gender gap in various industries. Analox has always empowered me, trusted me and allowed me to grow. There are a lot of female role models at all levels of the organisation, who continuously empower each other, which always leads to strong working relationships and success.”

Marketing Assistant, Laura Coggin said, “It’s great to see that Analox is celebrating such a positive cause. As a woman working within both the manufacturing and business industry I feel it is important to raise awareness against gender bias. It’s empowering to see what opportunities Analox can give to women and the recognition that we get for our successes.”


A Special Mention

In celebration of National Women's Day we would especially like to shout out our Managing Director, Emma Harbottle. Due to her hard work and determination for the business she has previously been recognised as one of Teesside’s most outstanding business people! Emma initially came to Analox within the operations department and soon found her passion for Analox.

She has since become the joint Managing Director of the business alongside Mark Lewis, who are both extremely dedicated to Analox and its employees.