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Here at Analox, we care about giving back to the local community, which is why we give our staff one day per year to support a charity of their choice.

We conduct a lot of charity work in the local area so that everything we raise stays in the North East, as we thrive to improve quality of life. Therefore, a cause we particularly like to support is Cash for Kids. The charity addresses the needs of disabled and disadvantaged children in 21 areas across the UK, including the North East. Similar to our approach, the  charity puts all of the money back into the area it was raised through their grants process. These grants allow new equipment to enhance the lives of these children and young adults and puts money into charities and organisations for new projects in the area.

Every year, we regularly partake in the Cash for Kids Christmas Mission. The scheme takes place every winter where the public can give new and unwrapped gifts to children and young adults aged 0 to 18 so that they wake up to something special on Christmas morning.

This year, we wanted to make a difference, so in addition to partaking in their Christmas mission, we decided to become a face of the Metro radio and TFM 1000 faces fundraiser for Cash for Kids. This is our local campaign where fundraisers, otherwise known as the 1000 faces, are encouraged to raise £100 each before the 31st December 2018.

To reach our target we organised several activities amongst staff including a bonus ball and a silent auction. The main source of our funds came from our silent auction where we sold spare equipment from the factory; this was very successful.

As a result, we managed to raise £385, which is 385% above target with 25 days left to spare! As an organisation, we are extremely proud to be 8th on the leader board for our area and can’t wait to continue supporting and contributing to such an amazing cause.