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The Analox Fun Committee arranged a staff bowling night on Friday 19th October. Kerry Sturman, Chair of the Fun Committee said ‘We try to arrange a few different events throughout the year as they are really well received by staff. The main aim is to allow new starters to get to know the team in a more relaxed and social environment whilst enabling current staff from different departments to mingle too.’

25 members of staff took part in the evenings activities, hosted at Hollywood Bowl in Stockton. Bowling skills were put on show and a great evening was had by all. Simon Ginsberg, AMS Sales said ‘It is great to meet with people from other departments and socialise with them outside of the usual work environment. You get to know people’s personalities more too.’

Analox continues to grow with staff numbers increasing year on year. The Fun Committee was started by Analox in February 2010 to help team building through social activities. Analox financially contribute to the fund and have hosted activities such as Family Fetes, Christmas Nights as well as evenings at the Theatre.