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Owen was presented with an Easter egg to say thanks for his hard work


It was all hands-on for Rye Hills student Owen, 15, who recently spent a week with the Analox engineering team in order to gain valuable work experience.


Currently studying on a construction course, Owen expressed an interest in engineering, and Analox was on hand to provide a placement.


The placement, based at the Analox office in Stokesley, was designed to give Owen a taster of how the industry operates and what a day-to-day engineering role entails.


As well as acquiring technical skills and knowledge in the field of engineering, Owen was able to develop his commercial awareness, team-working and communication skills.  


Working closely with Mechanical Technician Ellis Johnson, Owen was introduced to 3D printing and was given the opportunity to manufacture something of his own.


Having modelled his phone case using Solidworks, Owen followed the 3D printing process of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). FDM printers use a thermoplastic filament, which is heated to its melting point and then extruded, layer by layer, to create a three dimensional object.


After some shadowing and guidance, Owen went on to model objects alone with minimal assistance.


Ellis said: “Owen got straight into it. He was really interested in the modeling process and was definitely impressed when his case was printed.”


After the first round of designing the case was printed, but there was room for improvement.


Ellis added: “Owen thought the case could be improved by adding extra features. He cut out a charging port so that he could charge his phone while it was still in the case.”


As well as getting to grips with some of the technology used by Analox engineers, Owen also spent time with Paul Oliver, our Document Manager-Team Leader.


Paul demonstrated the CAD Technical Illustration software used at Analox, which is Solidworks Composer.


Paul said: “We use Solidworks Composer to help design and create technical illustrations used in our product documentation.”


“Owen created various technical illustrations for the iPhone X using Solidworks Composer and then created a quickstart guide using these illustrations in the document, he then sent it to print so he could see how the hard copy would come out on the printer.”


All of the Analox staff who were able to meet Owen could see his enthusiasm for engineering.


HR Manager Julie Cole said: “It was a pleasure to be able to provide a placement which we hope will enhance Owen’s career development and provide more opportunities to him in the future.”