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Kayleigh receiving her Black Belt


Kerry Sturman, Contract Manager for Analox Military Systems, is over the moon at news of her daughter being awarded a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art.


On the 10th of February, after much hard-work and commitment spanning years, Kayleigh achieved her Black Belt status.


The award was presented to Kayleigh by her instructor, in front of a very proud mum, at the Tang Soo Do Presentation Class in St Ives in Cambridge.


Kerry said: “I was really proud and I am happy for Kayleigh. She deserves it because she has worked really hard.”


However, achieving a Black Belt is not where Kayleigh’s Tang Soo Do journey ends.


In April of this year, Kayleigh will be taking part in the Tang Soo Do Championship, held at the David Ross Sports Village, University of Nottingham.


This will be Kayleigh’s first competition where she has competed with her newly acquired Black Belt status.


Kayleigh said: ‘I am really looking forward to taking part. I have worked really hard”.  


As part of her Black Belt test which took place in October 2017, Kayleigh was required to show her board-breaking skills. Kayleigh then chose to do the hammer first, sidekick and finally the elbow strike.



The elbow break proved to be trickier than anticipated, and this was because the piece of wood used was particularly firm, a lot firmer than the others which can sometimes happen.


Following her test, Kayleigh re-attempted the elbow strike during a lesson at East Cleveland Tang Soo Do. Again, the elbow strike was not powerful enough to break the board, however, the more powerful side kick eventually broke it.


We wish Kayleigh the best of luck for her April competition!


What is Tang Soo Do?


Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art, and it encompasses styles from Korean Karate, as well as Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Modern Tang Soo Do was founded by Grandmaster Hwang Kee in 1945, under the name Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan. It incorporates three core elements; self-defence, physical fitness and mental growth.


Incorporating both kicks and punches in its system of self-defence, students develop traditional Korean techniques such as sparring and board-breaking. Tang Soo Do aims to create an all-rounded individual helping them to become successful in all areas of their lives.