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Members of the Analox team have spent the afternoon talking to Year 9 students from Stokesley Comprehensive School about their future career ambitions.

The youngsters, who were aged between 13 and 14 years old were able to speak to businesses from the local area about what types of careers they could aim for.

Analox were one of eight companies who took part in the ‘speed networking session’ organised by the school. Groups of  four to five teenagers took it in turns to sit with each business for five minutes, and ask questions about the company and what job roles they were interested in. They then had to move to the next organisation to do the process again.

The representatives who attended were from a variety of industries and a range of professions. Analox were able to explain to the students that there are a lot of different job roles within the company, but essentially it was an engineering and manufacturing company. Other professionals who attended were a physiotherapist, logistics manager, hair and beauty academy, dentists and product designer.

Melanie Smith, Commercial Marketing Manager, said, “We’re really pleased that Analox could take part in the careers afternoon at Stokesley School. It’s great to talk to students who are at one of the most important stages in their academic career, right before they choose options for their GCSEs.


Analox at Stokesley School



“Speaking to the students was really interesting and we hope we at least helped to spark some interest in a potential career. It’s difficult to know exactly what you want to do at that age, so it was great to see some students really determined about what they want to be.”

Lauren Bennett, Graphic Designer, said “It was really refreshing to hear that there were quite a few girls who wanted to get into engineering, from all areas including electrical, mechanical and civil, I hope they continue down this path.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my career when I was in year 9 so I can relate to some of the students who were still undecided. It’s essential that they continue to study hard across all subjects, but it’s also important that they take subject options they enjoy and have a talent for.”


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