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UK-based marketing manager Michelle Wilson recently returned from a trip across the pond to the US Analox office based in Huntington Beach, California.

Of course, when you factor in the recent chilly weather and snow we’ve had here in the UK, the rest of the marketing department proceeded with well-disguised envy as we sat and postulated about the many things that Michelle could be up to during her fortnight in the sun.

California Sun 


But it wasn’t all fun and games (so we’re told), as Michelle spent one of the two weeks working, with the other week taken as a holiday.

The trip, made at least once per year, has the purpose of aligning the UK and US office in terms of the different marketing strategies we employ and it often provides opportunities to solidify relationships with our catalog of global distributors.


Huntington Beach


Whilst over in Huntington Beach, Michelle got reacquainted with our US team, and met with our leading commercial diving distributors for North America, Amron International (pictured above). You can find them in the commercial diving section of our distributor finder here

As Michelle was in the area, a meeting was set up and held with Mike Malone and Amy Masini to offer our distributor support in marketing Analox products.

Michelle said: “It’s vital that we meet our US colleagues and distributors to discuss our strategies in person.”

“Even in the digital age, with telephones, email and Skype, there’s nothing yet that can fully replace face-to-face contact, not to mention the strengthening of colleague relationships the trips result in.”


Analox Huntington Beach

Georgia and Theresa at the US Analox office



As Michelle was making such a long journey from the UK, she decided to make the trip with her family, including her son Bertie who had lots of fun.

The future pilot, pictured below, also really enjoyed visiting California.



Michelle's son Bertie enjoyed the trip 

Of course, this called for a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim

“Overall it was a really productive trip. I had a lovely time with my family, colleagues and particularly enjoyed offering marketing support to Amron International.”

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