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Analox People receive one day a year to donate their time to supporting charities and charitable causes. This July we returned to Saltburn Animal Rescue Association to help the shelter prepare for a family day fundraiser and to perform some essential tasks like maintenance, gardening and interacting with the many animals needing a home.

This was not the first time we have visited SARA. In fact, we have developed a close relationship with this charity, which rescues and re-homes dogs, cats and an array of different pets, after the animals first captured our hearts.

Our charity visit took place across two days on two different weeks, with the first week being a lot wetter than the second!

Over the course of our two visits, we did the following: 

1. We walked Ebony, Rolo and Woody...


Woody on a walk - Analox Charity Day at SARA  Ebony on a walk - Analox Charity Day at SARA 

 Rolo and Woody on a walk - Analox Charity Day at SARA  Ebony on a walk - Analox Charity Day at SARA


2. We hung out with the cats...


Ethan with a cat Perfect time for a Snapchat filter! 

The Cattery at SARA The Cattery at SARA


3. We trimmed a tree and did some gardening...

Analox People gardening for SARA Hard at work - SARA Charity Day - Analox 

The Cattery at SARA     The Cattery at SARA

4. We marked out the carpark ahead of the fundraiser...

Marking out the car park for the fundraiser event - Analox People Analox People - Marking out the car park for the fundraiser  

Analox People at SARA Analox People at SARA for Charity  


 5. We trimmed some (sturdy) bushes...


6. Then it was time for a site tour to the memorial garden...

Memorial Garden - SARA Memorial Garden - SARA - Analox People

SARA - Analox People charity day   Outside the cattery - SARA - Analox People


7. Then it was time to walk Sasha, Scooby, Deliah, Ebony and Woody (again)

SARA - Analox People charity day  SARA - Analox People charity day

SARA - Analox People charity day  Analox Charity Day at SARA 

8. Finally, it was time for the show...

Analox Charity Day at SARA Analox Charity Day at SARA


SARA - Analox People charity day Analox Charity Day at SARA


Thankfully the sun came out and it was a great day for families and the animals. You can see the official photos of the event by clicking here. You can donate, view animals needing a home and more on the official website by clicking here


Saltburn Animal Rescue Association