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It’s been a little while since we tried somewhere new to eat, so we decided to give The Falcon at Hilton a try. It’s a 15 minute drive away through the backroads of Seamer from our office.

The Falcon recently rebranded its website and there was a mouthwatering selection of hearty fare to try. Even our resident fussy eater was tempted by the roast dinner and mince and dumplings.

Three different types of parmo were on the menu - chicken and pork as well as a veggie parmo (which was two vegetable burgers with bechamel sauce and cheese on top, but it was still yummy). The parmos came with thick cut crispy chips, salad and the obligatory garlic sauce. One of the team opted for a small roast dinner but it was still huge, coming with roasties, mash and plenty of roast beef.

Everyone enjoyed their food and the service was great. We were in and out in about forty minutes and they didn’t mind us paying separately at the bar.

It’s nice to have a new pub to add to our list, and we’ll definitely be making a return visit.

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