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Analox is always at the forefront of trying new things – we recently set up a table in our foyer so we could give stand-up meetings a go.

What’s a stand-up meeting?

A stand-up meeting is where participants stand up rather than sit round a table.

Stand-up meetings have been popular in the software development sector for a long time, where meetings are held on a daily basis so teams can find out what everyone else is doing that day.

Did you know?

  • Richard Branson is a big fan of standing up in meetings
  • Many authors were fans of standing up to write, including: Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf
  • The Privy Council stand up during meetings; this is because participants are not allowed to sit whilst the Queen is standing
  • You can buy tables specifically for stand-up meetings, some even have notches in them so you can prop up your tablet or iPad

Iain Farrell, Analox Director of Projects, is a fan of stand-up meetings and says: “The great thing about stand-up meetings is that participants are more focused and more creative - it’s harder for your mind to wander. The whole of Analox are now taking part in more standing meetings which is fantastic to see and it’s resulting in lots of shorter, more focused meetings.”

What are the benefits of stand-up meetings?

  • Shorter meetings – stand-up meetings are 34% shorter than regular meetings, meaning that you’ll cut through the fluff and only discuss the points that need discussing
  • Better health – by standing you’re burning more calories
  • Easier for impromptu meetings – normally when you arrange a meeting you have to make sure there’s a free conference room. With a stand-up, you can have a meeting anywhere you like!

Do you hold stand-up meetings in your workplace? What do you like or dislike about them?