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Analox are very proud of the fact part of their team are based in California and run a successful sales office serving the scuba diving community plus hospitality and laboratory industries.

Two members of our UK team recently visited the US office, our Marketing Coordinator and Quality and Business Improvement Manager who worked from the office, based in Huntington beach, for the week.

After the Chevrolet Camaro rental (hire car) was picked from LAX the morning after the flight landed, our UK team made their way (after several trial laps of the carpark) to Huntington Beach, their base for the week. The journey took them down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), which was an experience in itself, food outlet after food outlet after food outlet, broken up by little side roads leading to miles and miles of sun kissed golden coastline, not quite the green rolling hills they’re used to!

Finally, after a few stop offs to be tourists and take pictures, the team made it to Huntington Beach and were met by swarms of short wearing, thong (flip flop) clad, bronzed beauties, later being told the world renowned Huntington Beach surf competition had just finished the weekend before- that would explain the nickname ‘Surf City’ then! (duh).

Complimentary s'mores and PBJ coffee

Tired and weary, there wasn’t much exploration from the UK team.  With an 8.00am start in the US office, due to a conference call with the Stokesley based office the following morning, the delights of the town and the hotel, referring to being told on check-in there were open fire pits with complimentary s'mores kits (toasted marshmallow-biscuit-chocolate combo) available... would just have to wait.

Different flavours of coffee

The first day in the office the UK team were greeted with a warm welcome and a tour of the office, which is designed similar to the UK, with the Analox graphics displayed on the walls of their reception area. The US office also has a coffee and snack area (where there were more flavours of coffee than you could ever imagine, peanut butter and jelly sandwich being a stand out choice!) a product storage warehouse, with a meeting room and Vice President’s office on the first floor.

During the week our Business Improvement Manager delivered internal training and reviewed office processes and our Marketing Coordinator worked with the Sales Executive on campaigns and visited customers and distributors to understand their needs and the market place better, and what specific marketing support Analox can provide to help with sales.   

Our Marketing Coordinator’s visits included fast food giants, In and Out Burger, pressure environment equipment specialist, Amron International, craft beer brewing experts, Stone Brewery, draft beer solutions specialists, Glacier Design Systems and was also lucky enough to visit one of the largest and most well known space exploration facilities in the world, based in LA.

Getting lost in translation

We often say, that although we speak the same language, there are occasions where things get lost in translation between the two offices and whereas Americanisms and English terms can mean very different things, sometimes there are words both parties have never even heard of! A prime example is when the UK team went to visit Stone Brewery and the term ‘growler’ was used -promptly met with some very blank expressions!

A growler is defined as: ‘a glass or ceramic jug with a capacity of 0.5 US gallons (1,900 ml) used to transport draft beer in Australia, the United States and Canada. They are commonly sold at breweries and brewpubs as a means to sell take-out beer.’

Basically, it’s a means of being able to have quality draft beer at home by transporting it directly from your favourite brewery - sounds ideal!

In between meetings and delivering training the UK team managed to squeeze in some downtime and as usual food came up on the agenda. The team managed to sample some of the eateries in and around Huntington Beach and were treated to some extremely good mexican food on their last day from a local restaurant near the office.

American food

The team had an array of meals from a good old american burger, burritos and some of the best onion rings ever tasted, to green kale smoothies, quinoa salads, avocado on toast and a wedge salad (basically a full iceberg lettuce, quartered!).  Raved about as ‘one of the best desserts, ever!’ was the peanut butter cookie dough skillet...just as good as it sounds! A gooey mix of melted peanut butter with warm chocolate chip cookie dough complete with a scoop of ice cream (insert drool here). The Americans definitely know how to do choice and portion sizes!

On the final evening team building was the focus, our Marketing Coordinator went for a twilight bike ride along the coast of Huntington Beach with our US Sales Executive and our Business Improvement Manager was chuffed (very pleased) to be taken on another brewery trip, complete with beer tasting and incredible food by our US Vice President, it’s fair to say a good time was had by all!

It’s a fact that our two offices are world’s apart, from climate and scenery to vocabulary and expressions, but Analox constantly aims to bridge this gap, in order to align and represent its core company values and achieve its business objectives.

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