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Kayleigh at the Tang Soo Do British National Championship

Not only are the staff at Analox highly skilled and talented, their children are too.

Kayleigh Sturman, 13, is the daughter of Kerry Sturman, Contracts Manager, Analox Military Systems, and she takes part in Tang Soo Do.

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art incorporating fighting principles from Soo Bahk and northern Chinese Kung Fu.

Kayleigh has been practicing for three years with East Cleveland Tang Soo Do (ECTSD) in Skelton, which was established in 2011.

She trains under the instructors Geoff Anniss, 2nd dan; Darren MacCallum, 1st dan; Anita Conway, 1st dan; and Thomas Beedle, 2nd dan.

In January this year she received her blue belt, making her a candidate for a black belt.

Recently, Kayleigh took part in her first competition, which was the British National Championship in Coventry.

People from all over the country gathered there to compete and Kayleigh went into the weapons, hyungs and sparring categories.

Kerry said: “Unfortunately Kayleigh didn’t win any awards and took a kick to the side of her face. It’s supposed to be none to light contact sparring but some of the competitors were quite full on. Despite not winning any awards and the kick, she still wants to carry on competing and working towards her black belt.”

ECTSD is a member of The World Tang Soo Do Association.

Sessions in Skelton run Thursday 6 - 8pm and Sunday 4 - 5.30pm.

To find out more about the club contact Geoff Annis on 07982 239 494.

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