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Our Year in Industry Student, Ryan Bellas, has been shortlisted for a regional award.

He is one of six candidates who have been selected for the North East region’s Year in Industry Contribution to the Business Award.

Ryan is studying a four year Integrated Master’s Physics degree at the University of Leeds and joined Analox in September 2015 for a one year industrial placement.

He applied for his placement via an application to the Engineering Development Trust (EDT), a charity which delivers over 30,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experiences each year for young people aged 11-21, including industry-led projects, industrial placements and specialised taster courses.

Every year, EDT runs the Contribution to the Business Awards to provide Year in Industry students the chance to demonstrate how they have made a difference to their company through their work placement.

To qualify as a candidate for the award, Ryan had to submit a written application detailing the contributions he has made to Analox. This was supported by a written statement from Dr Mark Elkin, Research Engineer, Analox.

Ryan’s application was shortlisted for the regional award, and he is now required to deliver a presentation to a panel of industry figures which demonstrates the difference he has made to the company and his learning outcomes.

Ryan said: “The presentation will give me an opportunity to explain my contribution to Analox and what I have achieved during my placement. One of the things I plan to talk about is my involvement with the mycotoxin decision support system project, which is currently in its first year of development. The project aims to create a cereal grain monitoring system which detects early signs of mould growth, and I think it will be an interesting topic to present. The project is planned to last three years so I’ll be explaining the results that we have found so far, and giving an introduction to the project’s planned development for the remaining two years.”

Ryan will be giving his presentation at Nissan, Sunderland, on 5 July, and if he wins he will be awarded a cash prize, and will represent the region at the National Final in London on 7 September.