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We went to the Bay Horse in Great Broughton for the May Analox Palate.

Now, as you may remember, we went to the Bay Horse in November, and we do try and avoid visiting the same place twice. However,  Business Administrative Support Assistant Nicola wasn't in post then, and had heard great things about the food (mostly from us...) so we decided to break the rules and go there again!

The service was great and the portions were massive. Three of the team went for the parmo. If you're not a regular reader of the blog, you may not be sure what a parmo is. A parmo is a takeaway favourite in the North East, consisting of breaded deep-fried chicken covered in white cheese sauce, and topped with even more cheese. 

The parmos at The Bay Horse have been rated five out of five by local organisation the Parmo Hunters and deservedly so. The portions are massive and topped with lots of gooey cheese. They also come with lots of delicious chunky chips as well as salad (you don't have to eat it if you don't want to, we won't tell!)

As an aside, we had some international visitors come and see us a little while ago, and they read our blog. They were intrigued by our obsession with parmos so they decided that they had to try one for themselves! We're proud to be doing our bit to promote the humble parmo.

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