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The weather in April has been a bit strange to say the least. From walking around the industrial estate in torrential rain, to having to defrost your car when you're a third of the way through the year. That's why we were so surprised when the weather was glorious when it was time to eat out!

For the April Analox palate, we travelled to Howard's Eatery on Stokesley High Street. The restaurant is based in College Square (named because there used to be a grammar school there in the 19th century).

As mentioned before, the weather was lovely and it was nice to see lots of people eating and drinking on the terrace. We were sat inside, and as Howard's is quite small and there were nine of us eating, it was a little cosy!

We ordered a range of food - from paninis and wraps and salads to pizzas. Two members of the team ordered the pizzas and the rest of the team were very envious... not only did the pizzas look great, but we were told they were delicious!

It was nice to have a leisurely lunch before having to go back to work, and it was great to see the High Street decked out with yellow and blue bunting to celebrate the Tour De Yorkshire coming through the town... plus of course, the Analox-sponsored banners for Stokesley Tourfest!

Stokesley Tourfest banner

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