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Photo: Andrew Frank (L), Managing Director of Opentree and Mark Lewis (R), Managing Director of Analox.

A new car park is being built for Analox.

A car park is already situated at the Analox building but due to the increase in staff numbers it has been recognised that more spaces are required to accommodate them.

Analox had a 21% growth of staff in 2015.

The new car park is being built by L&D Construction on the land that Opentree occupy and will make 34 new spaces available.

Opentree are solutions providers who develop and deliver world-class document management systems.

Andrew Frank, Managing Director of Opentree, has agreed to the land being leased to Analox for five years to help with the business expanding and taking on more staff.

The car park is expected to be completed by mid May.

For further information about Opentree visit http://www.opentree.co.uk/

Update: The car park is now open!

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