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Where are the best places to eat in North Yorkshire? Find out in the Analox Palate!

For the February edition of the Analox Palate, we decided to head to The Bay Horse pub.

"Hang on!" You say "Isn't that cheating? Didn't you go there for the Analox Palate all but a few months ago?". We understand your confusion, but did you know that there are two Bay Horse pubs in close proximity to each other - The Bay Horse in Great Broughton, which we went to in November, and this one?

The Bay Horse, Hutton Rudby  Cheese souffle  Lamb and minted mash

We've been to The Bay Horse quite a bit and there's a reason we keep going back there - great food and great service. The last time we went was in the summer where we opted for sandwiches (the 'hot beef dipper' is a particular favourite - a roast meat baguette with a bowl of gravy on the side for dunking!) but as it was winter, we opted for stodgier fare including parmos, lamb and cheese souffle.

Now, here's something which was pointed out when we were eating our food - did you know that former Oasis frontman and Mancunian bad boy Liam Gallagher went to The Bay Horse to try a parmo? We can't say we blame him, they're very good!

Now... we normally go out to lunch in the middle of the month after payday, so you may be wondering why we went out so early in February? The reason was so we could celebrate Quality and HSE's manager Craig's 40th birthday!

We rounded off the meal with a chocolately birthday cake and then we headed back to the office where... we had more cake. The diet starts tomorrow right?

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