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From Monday 25 January, the team at Analox is taking part in an innovative well-being initiative to help get fit, save money and promote a little friendly rivalry at the same time!

The challenge is to cover a distance of 370km. Why 370km you ask? This is the distance from Earth to the International Space Station. It’s not the Analox way to take the easy option after all!

Everyone taking part in the challenge has been provided with a pedometer which they can use to track the distance they cover (both in and out of work), with a nominated member from each team logging each team’s collective distance into a spreadsheet.

There are seven teams, each containing eight/nine people, most of which are named after Analox gas monitoring products.

Meet the teams!

  • The ATA Pros (named after the ATA Pro)
  • The Safe-Oxen (named after the Safe-Ox)
  • The SubMkII People (named after the Sub MKIIP)
  • The Analox Amblers (named after Analox Ltd)
  • The SDA-Team (named after the SDA range)
  • The Stokesley Strollers (named after Stokesley, the market town where Analox are based)
  • The Sub Trainers (named after the Sub Trainer)

Julie Cole, HR Manager for Analox said: “The uptake for ‘Infinity and Back Again’ has been absolutely fantastic and it’s great to see everyone getting into the spirit of the challenge - even our MD and American sales office are taking part. I wish all the teams the very best of luck and I can’t wait to see how everyone does!”

The winning team will be the first to cover a distance of 370km. Once all the teams have crossed the line, we’ll be starting again and making the journey back from space!

We’ll be providing monthly updates on how the teams are doing, on both this blog and on social media. You can follow using the hashtag #analoxinfinity.

10,000 steps a day

The NHS recommends that you set yourself a target of 10,000 steps a day (which works out at just over 8km), but the average person only covers 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day.

10,000 steps seems like a lot - so how can you increase the distance you cover? Here are a few ideas:

  • Park further away from the office or shops
  • Get off the bus a stop or two earlier
  • Walk to see your colleagues rather than calling or emailing
  • Go for a stroll in your lunchbreak
  • Listen to music when you go for a walk
  • Take walks in scenic and exciting locations
  • Offer to walk the dog (or a neighbour’s/friend’s dog if you haven’t got one)
  • Always take the stairs