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Another month, another trip out to sample the best food that North Yorkshire has to offer!

August brought us quite literally to the foot of Roseberry Topping, the distinctive looking hill on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. Thankfully, lunch wasn’t a soggy sandwich and a flat energy drink on top of the 320 metre-high summit, but a meal at the King’s Head Inn.

The King’s Head Inn is ideally placed for people who want to explore Roseberry Topping and the Cleveland Way, and is rambler, cyclist and pet-friendly.

It was quiet when we visited, but the weather was a bit miserable, which probably put people off from scaling the summit! Service was quick, portion sizes were big and the serving staff were friendly, and although there was a small problem with one of the orders, it was resolved swiftly.

Orders included: two sandwiches, a quiche, two parmos, three steak and ale pies and quite possibly the largest Greek salad that has ever been seen!

But where’s the food photos?

We had just finished our food at the King’s Head Inn when someone piped up… “erm… weren’t we supposed to take photos of the food before we ate it?”. You see, we normally take photos of our food for the blog, but we were so hungry that when the food came, we dived into it and forgot to get the camera out!

This fear was cemented when our HR Manager, who was on holiday when we went out for lunch, commented on our Facebook page, asking us where the food photos were. Oops.

We were tempted to take photos of our empty plates, but thought that some photos of the King’s Head would do the trick instead. The view from outside the King’s Head Inn is spectacular, but the view from the inside isn’t half-bad either.

More information about the King’s Head Inn.

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