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We had some very exciting news earlier this month – we found out that we had our best month ever for sales output in July, beating our previous record from March 2015 !

To celebrate, we had a special treat in the form of delicious pizza from Pizza Loco, a Yorkshire-based company who make fresh stone baked pizza in a wood-fired oven. We placed our orders, and as the weather was nice, we ate our pizzas on the grass in the sunshine.

Our US team, who are based in California, enjoyed some tasty Greek food, and as you can see from the photo below, they were very happy about it!

The US team with lots of Greek food

Come to think of it, you can probably liken Analox to a pizza, and the people who work here as delicious toppings. All the departments have unique functions – from sales who bring in the orders and liaise with our distributors, to operations who make our products, through to the development team who come up with new and innovative ideas, but despite the differences, everyone comes together to make something extra special – a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers.

We should probably stop writing now as all this talk of pizza is making us hungry, but if you’d like to join a winning team and enjoy celebrating with us in the future, why not check out Analox People for the latest job opportunities?