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The Stokesley Diner – ‘Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’

We’re back sampling the finest of what our local area has to offer. This month’s team lunch took place down the road in our local town of Stokesley. Analox visited The Stokesley Fish and Chip Shop also known as the Stokesley Diner located on the high street.

The traditional choice of fish and chips was a massive hit, portion sizes were good and the quality of the fish and batter were excellent. However, it wasn’t just the fish and chips which received rave reviews, the milkshakes which were provided on arrival were described by one colleague as ‘unbelievably good’ and an absolute must-have for anyone visiting the venue.

Considering we took over most of the 1st floor, staff were very accommodating and friendly and we’ll certainly be heading there again soon.

In our opinion Stokesley Diner was 5 out of 5.

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