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An intrepid team from Analox set out on 29 October to remove invasive trees at Saltholme, a nature reserve on the River Tees estuary near Middlesbrough. The aspiring arborists cut down and disposed of a clump of buckthorn to allow less dominant species to thrive. The branches and trunks provided fuel for a bonfire and the remaining roots were chemically treated to prevent regrowth.

Despite the inevitable scratches the experience was considered a positive one, enhanced by the pleasant weather and a welcome lunch in the on-site cafe. The Saltholme event was the latest in a series of Analox ‘charity days’, an initiative that allows each member of staff to spend one day per year volunteering in the local community.

The nature reserve was opened in 2009 as a 1000-acre wildlife discovery centre for both family visitors and birdwatchers. Owned by the Teesside Environment Trust and run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Saltholme offers a number of opportunities for studying birds and animals in their natural habitat. A range of activities and events are scheduled during school holidays.

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