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Analox Ltd has been carefully nurtured over more than 30 years, driven by a philosophy of conducting carefully focused research to fuel the development of innovative products. 

Our position as a global leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers has positioned Analox as an esteemed authority in gas detection and sensing. 

Since Analox was founded in 1981, we have persisted with our sustainable approach to growth. Our company is now in the enviable position of having a dependable worldwide distribution network. We are very proud that the Analox name is one synonymous with safety, security, confidence and reliability – Analox products look after the air you breathe.

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Find out what's special about Stokesley, the town in North Yorkshire we are based in.

Roberta Sewell - Management Accountant
"With no experience or knowledge of Accountancy, Analox saw my passion and helped me turn my dream into a reality. Analox has put me through any training that has required me and my career to grow, from professional courses at college to inhouse training sessions, they always have time for me. Analox is more than a company, it's a team."

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