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Analox’s purpose is to deliver the best and most appropriate gas sensing solutions into niche markets, ethically and profitably. 

Analox five keys

  1. Develop, market and sell gas sensing solutions into niche markets
  2. Deliver our gas sensing solutions reliably and consistently
  3. Identify the gas sensing needs of niche markets
  4. A strong team – the right people performing at their best
  5. Grow the company profitably

Strategic objectives

The senior management team within Analox has identified three strategic objectives for our people strategy:

  1. To improve the way Analox works cross-functionally to become one team and prioritise resource use effectively.
  2. To develop / acquire the skills and abilities Analox colleagues need to deliver our strategy both now and in the future
  3. To sustain high performance and motivation throughout Analox

In order to achieve this, a focus on Analox colleagues is needed.  To succeed as a business and to achieve Analox’s purpose, we need to be able to attract, recruit, retain and motivate the best people, with the most appropriate skill-sets and mind-sets to sustain high performance for Analox. 


Do you think you would fit with this? Would your skills-set be appropriate to a world leader? Do you have the right attitude to work at a highly-niche organisation? If you believe you do then contact us.

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Roberta Sewell - Management Accountant
"With no experience or knowledge of Accountancy, Analox saw my passion and helped me turn my dream into a reality. Analox has put me through any training that has required me and my career to grow, from professional courses at college to inhouse training sessions, they always have time for me. Analox is more than a company, it's a team."

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