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Electrical/Systems Engineer - Analox Ltd

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After Graduating top of my class in 2013 while in Edinburgh I had a graduate Job at Peacock Technology in Stirling that involved developing PLC systems for looking after frogs, making plastic pipes, making telescope lenses and testing cow milking machine liners. In June 2014 I relocated to Teesside and started at Analox. I started out assisting on Ax60 and developing a number of board for research purposes. From December 2014 I have been the lead electrical engineer on Successor as part of the close knit team working on the project.

I enjoy the friendly work atmosphere found at Analox and have felt welcomed to the company from my first day. I enjoy helping and teaching others in the workplace ensuring our collective knowledge increases.

Favourite product: O2EII- it looks like a light saber handle and it was the only Analox product I knew of before joining the company.

Did you know? I've been a vegetarian my entire life.


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