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Marketing Manager - Analox Sensor Technology

After graduating with a degree in Media and Cultural Studies I realised that I needed some direction.

Writing and being creative interested me the most so I completed a National Certificate for the Training of Journalists where soon after I was employed at a PR and Marketing firm. Fast forward 7 years and I’ve gained a further qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and joined Analox’s team at the beginning of 2015.

Coming up with creative ideas for campaigns and engaging content across a range of markets and audiences is a great position to be in as Analox is a global company, selling worldwide. I really enjoy working in a team with other innovative and dynamic people and there’s certainly not a dull moment in the Analox office and definitely not a quiet one, especially when R&D are testing sensor alarms!

Favourite product: ACG+ - It’s a great product which monitors for 6 contaminants in one portable and/or fixed unit. It is my favourite because it tests for contaminants in breathing air apparatus which is essential for keeping users safe including the emergency services.

Did you know? I've swam at a National level, however after realising I wasn't going to make the Olympics I hung my hat and goggles up for sleep!


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