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Senior Research Engineer - Analox Ltd

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After receiving my PhD in condensed matter physics in 2011 I worked in university research for 2 years, investigating electron transport in carbon nanostructures before joining Analox as a research engineer. I joined Analox as I wanted to experience working in industry where my work could more rapidly applied to products that we produce. I am enjoying the consistent challenge of producing solutions to our customers gas sensing problems and the feeling of being part of a successful team all working together.

I am logical, determined and love turning every situation into a competition that myself or my team can win.

Favourite product: Sub MkIIIF - Interesting design features in the CO2 sensor used in the MkIIIF allows it to be used to monitor CO2 when installed directly into hyperbaric chambers, rather than externally on a sample line, making it a very adaptable system.

Did you know? I can split an apple into 2 pieces by hand.


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