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Business Improvement Manager - Analox Ltd

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I left college with A Levels, but had no idea what I wanted to do. I ended up trying various jobs - Steel Foundry, Pubs, Logistics Planner etc... then I joined Analox, primarily because I’d be able to see more of my Grandparents who lived in Stokesley!

I worked in Final Test and Despatch initially, before I got the opportunity to progress into the Quality role, which I now class as my “trade”. I enjoy driving the business on to continuously improve how we work and it gives me a buzz to see the positive difference it can make to everyone involved.

The business is much changed from when I joined, mostly in a positive way. I’m proud to have been involved in the improvement and growth of the business and look forward to more of it!

Favourite product: A50 - This is our flagship product in my time at Analox, reliable, versatile and I’ve seen it in various sports stadiums in the UK. Sounds a bit like me actually.

Did you know? I’m a Gold season ticket holder at Middlesbrough FC – 20 years and counting!


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