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Software Engineer - Analox Ltd

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After graduating university I started my career in research and development at a Smart Meter provider for the domestic and small business markets, there I worked in a small team developing and improving current products which allowed me to get involved with commercial hardware and software. From there I moved to a small startup company where we developed new technology for the NHS to monitor the hygiene compliance of staff and track/stop the spread of infections throughout the hospital.

I then came to Analox where I joined as a Software Engineer as I have always been more interested in the software side of engineering. Analox has a great work environment with an open workspace where everybody’s opinion matters and people are trusted to get on with their projects and meet personal deadlines but we can have fun whilst doing so.

Favourite product: MIR Sensor - It is a widely used device for products created by Analox and elsewhere. I like the unique dual channel infrared sensor design that results in the long operational life.

Did you know? I share my birthday with the Queen... different year though.


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