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Analox preparing to travel the world for exhibitions in 2017

Analox will be travelling to many different countries in 2017 in order to promote awareness of gas safety.

Analox 'bridge the gap' at STEM day

Staff at Analox helped children consider a career in engineering at a recent STEM day.

Analox visit ProlificNorth Live

The Analox marketing team got up bright and early in mid-February to visit ProlificNorth Live.

Analox B-OOST employees healthy outlook

Find out more about our fantastic breakfast club!

Manufacture your future with a job at Analox

Gas detection manufacturer Analox is looking for a wide range of people to join the team at their headquarters in Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

Stand up and be counted – can stand-up meetings improve the way you think?

Analox is always at the forefront of trying new things – we recently set up a table in our foyer so we could give stand-up meetings a go.

Emma is one of Teesside's outstanding business people

Analox Operations Director Emma Harbottle has been named one of Teesside’s most outstanding business people.

When UK colleagues used a ‘growler’ and their US counterparts were ‘chuffed’

Two members of our UK team recently visited Analox's US office. Find out how our trip went!

Help us help your charity in 2017!

Analox is looking for new charities to work with as part of its employee volunteering initiative.

Christmas at The Wainstones Hotel - The Analox Palate December 2016

We had Christmas lunch at the Wainstones Hotel in 2015, and we had such a lovely time, we decided to go back.

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