Staff members, Jack Price and Paul Oliver, have both recently attended training courses, which they undoubtedly passed with flying colours!


At Analox, we like to ensure that our employees continue to learn and develop their skills in order to meet their best potential. This is why we regularly send our staff on trainings days and courses which are not only funded by Analox but also with paid release for the duration of the training.


To celebrate, Jack and Paul have shared their thoughts on their recent successes and what they like most about working for Analox!




Age: 24


Job Title: Junior Project Manager (to assist and deliver allocated projects on time and budget).


How long have you worked for Analox:

“Since returning almost 6 month.”


Favourite thing about working for Analox:

“My favourite thing at Analox would probably be my colleagues.”


Tell us about your course:

“PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a de facto process-based method for effective project management.”


How has this helped you progress within your role:

“I now have has a solid understanding of the project management basics.”


Are you planning on doing any more with the course ie is there a next stage to continue with:

“The next stage is to book the practitioner exam (this demonstrates how well I can apply the principles I have learned from the foundation course/my experience in regards to PRINCE2 to real world projects).”


Age: 42


Job Title: Document manager - Team Lead.


How long have you worked for Analox?:

I have worked here since January 1998, 21 years”


Your favourite thing about working at Analox:

“The people I work with on a day to day basis, and also the variation of projects we do!”


Tell us about your course:

“The course was about modern records management, this is essentially the processes etc. required to capture records/documents efficiently, and how they are stored, what the risks are of not capturing them, how to automate capture, adding metadata to files to assist with search.

Also, it covered things like records retention, so how long should we keep records/documents for, selecting digital record/document systems, capturing legacy records/documents and transforming them into digital records.”


Why did you do the course:

“To help me come up with some ideas/processes to use in-house on our own document management system, new ways of capturing information, new processes for certain parts of the company and so on.”


How has this helped you progress within your role:

“It has helped me understand more what records/documents need to be captured, and what doesn't, a better understanding of how long we should really be keeping records/documents for rather than just keeping everything forever as we currently do.”


Are you planning on doing any more with the course ie is there a next stage to continue with:

“I think there will be some more processes created following the course & exam completion, such as file retention and capture of legacy data into digital records.”


There’s one thing that makes more of a difference to our organisation than anything else: our people. We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic, dynamic and friendly people to join our team. If you'd like to work with us, view our current list of vacancies here.


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