Becca has worked at Analox for five years and has progressed to become our Regional Manager for Asia Pacific, Brazil and Scandinavia.

The sales industry (especially gas detection) was never something Becca thought about going into until she applied for a sales job at a car rental company because it was close to home. As soon as she started the job she knew she wanted to continue a career in sales. Becca initially wanted to open her own restaurant before discovering her passion for the sales cycle.

With a degree in business, Becca applied for a job with Analox when she moved back to Middlesbrough from sunny Richmond. Gas detection sales sounded like a new challenge for her and that was why it stood out.

Becca first had to take part in a telephone interview, in which she had to sell the ACG+, a compressed breathing air monitor, to the sales manager (probably one of the most complex products Analox manufacture). She then had a Skype call where she had to sell herself as if she was a product. Becca designed a logo and slogan for herself and had to come up with some ‘features & benefits’. The next stage was a face to face interview which then led her to have a trial at the company before being offered a full time job at Analox. Becca said ‘from the minute I started, I knew it was where I wanted to work.’


‘From the minute I started, I knew it was where I wanted to work.’


When asked what her favourite part of the job was, Becca responded: ‘Analox sell equipment for a range of industries which means my job is very different everyday. That is one of the reasons I have stayed here for five years because it stays exciting as I am constantly learning.’

She added ‘The employees at Analox work really well as a team and we are like a small family. There is lots of benefits of working for the company such as having a day off on your birthday, and the breakfast club. I really enjoy the charity days that the company holds as well.’


Becca at an Analox Charity Day

Becca at the SARA Charity Day 


'The employees at Analox work really well as a team and we are like a small family.' 


Becca was also asked what her least favourite part of the job was, to which she responded ‘Jet lag isn't much fun but at the same time we do get to experience some amazing things when travelling abroad. I also hate doing my expenses!’  


Tom Daley and |Becca camel riding in Dubai

Tom Daley and Becca camel riding in Dubai, 2015. 


A typical day in the office for Becca would include: team meetings, searching for new channel partners, managing current distributors and teaching them about the products, offering them marketing support plus training distributors to sell & install our products.   

A typical day overseas would include: waking up at 3am for a 6am flight, followed by customer meetings and exhibitions throughout the trips.

Highlights from overseas trips for Becca include: digging out part of a sewerage system at a plant in Tokyo, camel riding in a desert in Dubai and meeting Tom Daley where he asked for a selfie with her and a team member as part of a programme he was filming. Plus, singing karaoke with some business partners in Japan.  


Becca in Japan

Becca having lunch with clients in Japan. 


Becca visited Mount Fuji

Becca also visited Mount Fuji, Japan. 



Becca is currently working with Disneyland in Tokyo and is planning a trip to go out and train Coca Cola how to install Analox’s CO2 monitor, the Ax60+.

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