Recently, student at Teesside University Neave Huntsman joined the marketing team at Analox to complete a week’s work experience.

Analox is proud to offer placement opportunities to young people, such as graduates, apprentices and YINI students, to help them and support them in their chosen career; and to provide them with the necessary workplace insights that may guide their future career choices.

Working closely with Lauren Bennett (above, right), our internal graphic designer, Neave was keen to implement the skills she had learned during her first year of a Graphics Design degree.

Targeted and driven, Neave immediately began working on two separate graphic design projects - banners for the Analox Sensor Technology website and the Analox People website.

Neave said: ‘The work experience was valuable to my academic studies in that it allowed me to learn how graphic design can be used in the workplace.’

‘I was given responsibilities that enabled me to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned while studying. I enjoyed working on posters and web banners for the websites.’

Our graphic designer Lauren was on hand to offer support, guidance and encouragement, though it was clear from the outset that Neave had a strong understanding of graphic design, the value that the placement would bring to her studies and how graphic design works in a business environment.

Lauren said: It was great to be able to support another budding graphic designer and I understand how useful the support can be as I also went on placement while studying. From Neave’s perspective, I can understand how the placement will help her put university projects into context.’

She added: ‘It was also good to have another designer’s input when working on projects here at Analox.’

As well as producing webpage banners in a real-life workplace setting, putting her knowledge and skills into practice, Neave was also given the opportunity and flexibility to pursue some of her own projects, to add to her growing portfolio.

Work experience at Analox

Neave said: ‘Some of the tasks I completed primarily supported my academic development, and being given the flexibility to do this allowed me to take away key experiences and knowledge, as well as developing my personal portfolio.’

‘I was offered support by Lauren whenever I needed it, but being given the responsibility to complete other tasks really aided my personal development and independent working’.

At the end of the week, we asked Neave what she had learned during her week at Analox.

She said: ‘Knowing how to use brand guidelines correctly when working on a task, and a basic knowledge of CAD (computer-aided design) software.’

She added: ‘I enjoyed my week at Analox and would recommend it as a placement or career opportunity.’

Visit our Analox People website for more information on how to apply for placement or job opportunities.

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