A team of Analox volunteers were recruited to help some black-headed gulls during the latest charity day.

The team helped out at Saltholme Nature Reserve in September, where they helped clear vegetation off a specially-created island which is normally habited by black-headed gulls.

The black-headed gull can be found all over the UK and is often mistaken for the seagull. They have 'amber status' meaning that the population is in decline. They generally migrate south to warmer climates during the autumn and winter, although some still can still be found in southern England and Ireland.

Simon Lunt, Sales Manager for Analox Sensor Technology said: "When we came to help at Saltholme last year, we helped clear vegetation off an island for some common terns. This year we did the same for the black-headed gulls. We were told that there is some rivalry between the two species, but they do have their own separate islands so thankfully we were not helping contribute towards any avian turf-wars. We all had an exciting, but tiring day, and I'm looking forward to coming back next year."

All Analox staff are entitiled to one day a year to help out at local charitable organisations. We are always looking for new charities to work with, so if you represent a charity or community organisation, please contact us.

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